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What is a style guide and why is it important in web design?

A style guide is a set of standards and guidelines for the visual and typographical elements of a website or application. It outlines the design elements such as colour palettes, typography, imagery, and user interface components, and provides clear instructions on how to use them consistently across the design.

Style guides are important in web design because they help ensure consistency and coherence in the design of a website or application. Consistent design elements help create a recognizable brand identity, enhance user experience, and increase the overall quality of the design.

Additionally, style guides can serve as a reference for designers, developers, and stakeholders, reducing the time spent on decisions about design details and promoting collaboration. They also make it easier for designers to hand off their work to others, and for future updates to be made to the design without deviating from the established style.

In conclusion, a style guide is a crucial tool in web design that helps to maintain design consistency, promote collaboration, and ensure the longevity and quality of a website or application design.