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What is a modal window and why is it used in web design?

A modal window, also known as a modal or modal dialogue, is a graphical user interface element that displays content in a separate window above the main window, requiring the user to interact with it before returning to the main window. Modal windows are typically used to display important information, such as confirmation messages, and forms, or to temporarily block the user’s interaction with the main content of the page.

In web design, modal windows are used to prioritize the user’s attention on a specific task or interaction, without interrupting their overall experience on the page. Modals provide a way to display content or prompt the user for information in a way that’s separate from the main content, which can improve the user experience by reducing clutter and making the interface easier to understand. Additionally, models can be used to create a more seamless and intuitive user experience by reducing the number of pages reloads and providing users with immediate feedback.