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What is a coming soon page and why is it used in web design?

A coming soon page is a temporary placeholder web page that is used to announce an upcoming website, product, or service. It typically features a message announcing the upcoming launch, a countdown timer, and a form to collect email addresses for a mailing list.

A coming soon page is used in web design for several reasons:

To create anticipation: A coming soon page can generate excitement and anticipation for the upcoming launch, helping to build buzz and attract early adopters.

To build a mailing list: Collecting email addresses on a coming soon page can help build a mailing list of interested users, which can be used to notify them of the launch and keep them engaged with your brand.

To establish credibility: A professional and well-designed coming soon page can help establish credibility and create a positive impression with visitors, demonstrating that you take your business seriously and are committed to delivering a high-quality product or service.

To gather feedback: A coming soon page can also be used to gather feedback from early adopters, which can be used to inform the development of the product or service and improve the user experience.

By using a coming soon page, you can create excitement, build a mailing list, establish credibility, and gather feedback for your upcoming launch, helping to ensure a successful launch and a strong start for your website, product, or service.