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Top 3 SEO Factors you should consider important.

Top 3 SEO Factors you should consider important.

A website owner is always bewildered what factors Google uses to rank web pages.

A website owner is always bewildered what factors Google uses to rank web pages.

Each online business owner wants their online platform to appear on top of web searches, which translates into more clicks. Google has to look at content using different metrics such as the meta description, actual content, images, links, and references to classify if the page is relevant to a specific query.

According to Martin Splitt – A Google Webmaster Trends Analyst says that:

Google uses over two hundred signals to determine the rank to give a specific web page during a query.

To simplify his explanation he explained that the most important SEO tips to check are content, Meta Data, and Performance.

SEO Factor #1- Content

Martin explained that content is king. The content in a webpage has to be relevant to what a user wants. When a user is googling something, they have to use specific words on the search box. What they want to know is directly related to their question. So the first web page user clicks on is the one with a title with specific words with their question.

For a user to be satisfied with the result, Google has ranked the content they read has it be specific with what they want to know. The web page has to have the content they are ranked for accurately.

Title meta description

Some of the queries are not specific; instead, they are topics. A topic can be a broad subject. Thus Google ranks web pages differently.

Your website should have relevant content for it to be ranked on top. The lack of relevant content will lead to fewer clicks on your website.

SEO Factor #2- Meta Data

The SEO factor 2 & 3 is much of a technical one. Martin explained that your content has to be descriptive & relevant by meta tags.

The meta description helps in the sense that your content has snippets of the keywords that are being searched for. Thus it makes it possible for a googler to know which web page out of all the search results has the relevant content they desire.

Title meta description

Having a title for everything is a bad call.

The titles you choose should serve the specific information on your webpage. It is good to avoid the same title.

When the content that you are showing changes simultaneously with the title, you are doing an excellent job. The frameworks have ways of working through that.

As much as you consult with the documentation, there is something that definitely helps with the content. The automation works in an excellent way when titles and meta descriptions are unique.

Most people believe that the meta description does not influence a web page ranking. Martin could not confirm it, but it is like Google have changed how they rank search results, and they have prioritized Meta Description.

SEO Factor #3- Performance

Google always emphasizes websites prioritize speed over the other SEO factors.

Google’s Martin Splitt and John Mueller have differently quoted that performance is a factor that does not override other considerations.

No web page is perfect in all SEO factors cause Google has many ranking factors.

Actually, it is no surprise that many top sites might be slower than the sites on the bottom. Thus the assumption speed is not that important to Google ranking factor.

It is definitely essential to a site ranking though it does not override every other SEO factor.

Check your web page loading speed with the Google Page-speed tool

Thus a site will be displayed for a user if the information he requested is on the web page regardless of the performance of the site being slow. A user has to be shown what he has requested.

Top performance is a must, but it does not necessarily mean it’s a top algorithmic Google ranking factor.



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